NPTEL is a joint initiative of the IITs and IISc. NPTEL stands for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning. We are supported by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. This is a large platform providing free online certification courses in the MOOCs format. NPTEL offers 500+ courses every semester. To provide students with an integrated platform to prepare for GATE, this project was initiated with CSR support from Amadeus Labs Bengaluru.

GATE is not only a qualifying exam for graduate studies but also provides an opportunity for PSU jobs.


Video Solutions to Previous GATE Questions

Video solutions are provided for the previous year GATE question papers. The video solutions are designed to be self-contained - starting from a quick recap of the basic concepts needed in solving the problem, followed by a detailed solution using fundamental concepts and ending by providing tricks, if any, to solve the problems.

Video explanation of Subject Concepts

The NPTEL platform hosts video lectures covering a wide range of subjects covering the entire GATE syllabus across Engineering and Science disciplines. To enable easy access, all the topics of GATE syllabus are mapped and linked to the most relevant NPTEL video lecture(s). These NPTEL lectures are mapped to various topics of the GATE Syllabus.